Andover 1692


Due to the request from a fellow researcher who has
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This information was taken from a map I purchased
at the North Andover Historical Society in Andover MA.
The names listed below are only owners of the household.
Others could have been living in the household and not be listed

Names in "Red" had
witch craft involvement in that household.

Abbot, John 2
Abbot, George 2
Abbot, Benjamin 2
Abbot, Timothy 2
Abbot, Thomas 2
Abbot, Nathaniel 2
Abbot, George Sr.
Abbot, George Jr.
Abbot, John Jr.
Abbot, Nehemiah
Abbot, Steven
Abbot, Thomas Sr.
Abbot, Thomas Jr.
Allen, Faith
Allen, Elizabeth
Andrew, Joseph
Aslebee, John 2
Austin, Samuel
Austin, Thomas
Ayer, Nathan

Ballard, Joseph 2
Ballard, Grace
Ballard, John 2
Ballard, William 2
Barker, Richard Sr. 1
Barker, John 2
Barker, William 2
Barker, Ebanezer 2
Barker, Richard 2
Barker, Steven 2
Barker, Benjamin 2
Barnard, Rev. Thomas
Barnard, Stephen
Bixby, Daniel 2
Blanchard, Samuel 1
Blanchard, Jonathan 2
Blunt, William 1
Bodwell, Henry
Bridges, John 2
Bridges, James 2
Bradstreet, Dudley 2

Carleton, Joseph 2
Carleton, John 2
Carleton, Edward 2
Carleton, Thomas 2
Carrier, Thomas
Chandler, Capt. Thomas 2
Chandler, John 3
Chandler, William 2 ***See Chandler page
Chandler, Thomas 3
Chandler, Henry 3
Chandler, Joseph 3
Chandler, William 2
Chandler, William 3
Chubb, Pascoe
Cromwell, Job

Dane, Nathaniel 2
Dane, Rev. Francis 1 ***See Dane page
Dane, Francis 2
Davis, Ephraim
Draper, Joseph

Eames, Robert 2
Eames, Daniel 2
Emery, Joseph

Farnum Ralph 1
Farnum Ralph 2
Farnum John 2
Farnum, Thomas
Farnum, John
Farrington, Edward
Faulkner, Francis 2

Faulkner, John 2
Foster, Andrew 2
Foster, Abraham 2
Foster, Ephraim 3

Frye, Benjamin 2
Frye, Samuel 2
Frye, James 2
Frye, Deacon John 1
Frye, Eunice

Granger, John
Graves, Mark 2
Graves, Abraham 2
Gray, Robert
Gutterson, John

Hagget, Moses
Holt, Henry 2
Holt, Martha
Holt, Widow Hannah
Holt, Samuel 2
Hooper, Thomas
Hooper, John
Hutchinson, Samuel

Ingalls, Henry 1
Ingalls, John 2
Ingalls, Samuel 2
Ingalls, Henry 2 ***See Ingalls page

Johnson, Thomas 2
Johnson, Francis 3
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Sgt. William
Johnson, John 3

Lacey, Lawrence
Lovejoy, Christopher 2
Lovejoy, Joseph 2
Lovejoy, Hannah
Lovejoy, Nathaniel 2
Lovejoy, Ebenezer 2

Marble, Samuel
Marston, John 1
Marston, John 2
Marston, Jacob 2
Marston, Joseph 2

Martin, Samuel 2
Moore, Abraham

Nichols, Nicholas

Osgood, Christopher 2
Osgood, Thomas 2
Osgood, John 2
Osgood, Timothy 3
Osgood, Stephen 3
Osgood, Mary
Osgood, Hooker 3

Parker, Stephen 2
Parker, Mary
Parker, John 2
Parker, Mary
Peters, Andrew 1
Peters, Elizabeth
Phelps, Elizabeth
Phelps, Samuel 2
Phelps, Edward 2
Poor, Daniel 2
Poor, Mary
Post, Susannah
Preston, Samuel 2
Preston, John 2

Robinson, Joseph
Russ, Deborah
Russell, Robert 1

Slater, Henry
Sessions, Elizabeth
Singletary, Benjamin
Stevens, John 2
Stevens, Cornet Nathan 3
Stevens, Timothy 2
Stevens, Nathan 2
Stevens, Ephraim 2
Stevens, Joseph 2
Stevens, Benjamin 2
Sadie, John, Jr.
Stone, John 2
Stone Simon 2
Swan, Robert 1
Swan, Robert, Jr. 2

Swan, Timothy 2
Swan, John 2
Swan, Samuel 2

Toothacker, Allen
Tyler, Job 1
Tyler, Moses
Tyler, Hopestill
Tyler, John 2

Wardwell, Samuel 1 ***See Wardwell page
Wardwell, Sarah
Wilson, Joseph

White, John
Whittington, Edward
Woodman, Joshua
Wright, Walter 1
Wright, Walter 2


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