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  • William Dane

  • born 1561
    of Berkhamstead, Herts, England
    Married 1588 Susanne Elsted
    Susanne born 1568 Ashwell, Hertfordshire, England
    William Died Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England

  • John Dane

  • born 1587, Berkhamstead, Herts, England
    married 1608/10 (Francis Bowyer)
    died 14 Sep 1658, Roxbury, Norfolk, Ma.


    John Dane was born about 1587 in Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire. He married about 1608 Frances Bowyer who died about 1641 in Roxbury. MA. He married second Annis Bayford who died in 1682/83. Frances was probably the daughter of Thomas and Margaret Bowyer based on certain "benefactions" recorded for the Parish of Bishop's Stortford. "John Dane, by deed dated 21st July 1630, in consideration of the Parish haveing been at great charge in relieving Margaret his mother-in-law, the wife of Thomas Bowyer, after the death of her husband, and conveyed a parcel of ground taken out of a great yard belonging to John Dane, with a herenail ther or booth, and half part of a well lying in Hockerill Street, for the benefit of the chief inhabitants of this Parish forever." Frances had been at one time a servant of Lady Margaret Denny, who was maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth I, and the wife of Sir Edward Denny, a gentleman of the Queen's Privy Chamber. She came with her husband to New England and died soon after their arrival. John Dane came to New England with his wife and his children Elizabeth and Francis. His son John had preceded his parents to Ipswich in 1635 and they followed a year later, having "hasted after me as sone as they could." After a short period in Roxbury they settled in Ipswich in order to worship with Rev John Norton.The earliest grant of land to him was on April 9, 1639, but it appears this land had been occupied by them earlier. The grant was for a one acre lot "lying in the street called the west ens.." on the north side of the Ipswich River and adjoining the lot of Robert Muzzey. He had a six-acre planting lot "beyond the reach of Ready Marsh," and four more acres of planting ground within the common fence.In October, 1649, John petitioned the General court that the house and lands belonging to his father-in-law, William Chandler, might be made over to him for he had "paid more debt of Chand'l than ye house and land was worth, & also brought up ye children of Chandler w'ch have been chargeable to him." On February 2,165/66 he made a deed of gift to "his dear and loving wife Annis Dane.." of all the housing and lands that had belonged to her first husband. He was a commoner and was made freeman at Ipswich on June 2, 1641. He died Sept, 1658, in Roxbury, MA.

    Children of John Dane and Frances Bowyer

    1. Elizabeth born: 16111 Andover, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire England
    Marr: 1628 James How
    Died: 21 Jan 1693 - Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

    2. John born 1612 Andover, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England
    Marr: 1632 Eleanor Clark
    Died: 29 Sep 1684 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

  • 3. Rev. Francis Dane

  • born 20 NOv 1615 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    married (Elizabeth Ingalls)
    married second Hannah Chandler
    died 17 Feb 1696/97, Andover, Essex Co., Ma.

    4. Mary born 1 May 1616
    Died 28 May 1617

    (Statement by the Rev. Francis Dane on the Andover Outbreak -- January 1693) R'nd Sr; Whereas there have been divers reports raysed, how, and, by what hands I know not, of the Towne of Andover, and the Inhabitants, I thought it my bounden duty to give an account to others, so farr as I had the understanding of anything amongst us. Therefore doe declare, that I beleeve the reports have been Scandalous, and unjust, neither will bear the light, As for that, of the Sive, and Cisers I never heard of it, till this last Summer, and the Sabboth after I spake publiqly concerning it since which I beleeve it hath not been tryed, -882- As for such things of Charmes, and ways to find their cattle, I never heard, nor doe I know any Neighbour that ever did so, neither have I any grounds to beleeve it. I have lived above Fortie fower yeares in the Towne, and have been frequent among the Inhabitants, and should certainely heard if so it had been. That there was a suspicion of Goodwife Carrier among some of us before she was apprehended, I know. As for any other persons, I had no suspicion of them, and had Charity been put on, the Divel would not have had such an advantage against us, and I beleeve many Innocent persons have been accused, & Imprisoned, the Conceit of Spectre Evidence as an infallible mark did too far prevaile with us Hence we so easily parted with our neighbours of honest, & good report, & members in full Co union, hence we so easily parted with our Children, when we knew nothing in their lives, nor any of our neighbours to suspect them and thus things were hurried on, hence such strange breaches in families, -- severall that came before me, that spake with much sobrietie, professing their innocency, though through the Devils subtilty they were too much urged to Confesse, and we thought we did doe well in so doeing, yet they stood their ground professing they knew nothing, never saw the devil, never made a covenant with him, & the like; & some Children that we have cause to feare that dread has overcome them to accuse themselves in that they knew not. Stephen Johnson Mary Barker the daughters of Lieftenant Barker, and some others by what we had from them with suitable affections we have cause to beleeve they were in the truth, and so held to it, if after many indeavours they had #[been dismissed] not been overcome to say w't they never knew This hath been a trouble to me, considering how oft it hath been sayd you are a witch, you are guilty, & who afflicts this maid or the like, & more then this hath been sayd, charging persons with witchcraft, and what flatteries have past from: & threats and telling them they must goe to prison & this feare have caused many to fall. our Sinne of Ignorance wherein we thought we did well, will not excuse us when we know we did amisse but what ever might be a stumbling block to others must be removed, else we shall procure divine displeasure, & Evills will unavoidably breake in upon us. Andover Jan 2. 92 Yours Sr who am though unworthie a friend to them that are friends to Sion. -883- Concerning my Daughter Elizabeth Johnson I never had ground to suspect her: neither have I heard any other to accuse her, till [by] Spectre evidence she was brought forth, but this I must say, she was weake, and incapacious, fearfull. and in that respect I feare she hath. falsely accused her self & others. Not long before that she was sent for she spake as to her owne particular, that she was sure she was no witch, and for her Daughter Elizabeth, she is but simplish at the best, and I feare the comon speech that was frequently spread among us, of their liberty, if they would confesse, and the like expression used by some, have brought many into a snare, the Lord direct & guide those that are in place, and give us all submissive wills, & let the Lord doe with me, & mine, what seems good in his owne eys. ( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 Page 142

    Children of Rev. Francis Dane and Elizabeth Ingalls

    1. Hannah born 1648 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    Died 12 Oct 1712 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

    2. Abigail born 13 Oct 1652 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    Died: 5 Feb 1730 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

    3. Nathaniel born 1645 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    Died: 14 Apr 1725 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

    4. Elizabeth born 1641 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    Died: 15 Apr 1722 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

    5. Phebe born 1650 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
    Died: 14 Apr 1725 Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

    6. Albert died young

    7. Francis died young

    8. Daniel

  • 9. Lieut. Francis Dane

  • born 8 Dec 1656, Andover, Essex Co., Ma.
    married 16 Nov 1681 (Hannah Poor)
    died 8 Nov 1738, Andover, Essex Co., Ma

    Children of Lieut. Francis Dane and Hannah Poor

    1. Francis Dane III born 22 Apr 1683 died 27 Oct 1683

    3. Joseph born 5 Apr 1696 d. 27 Dec 1721
    married Lydia Johnson 4 Feb 1717/18

    4. Daniel born 26 March 1684 married Mary Parrish?

    5. Abiel born 17 Sept 1686 died 23 Sept 1686

    6. Hannah born 6 Sept 1687 died 26 May 1746
    married Samuel Phelps 30 Jun 1708

    7. Francis born 19 Aug 1690 died 15 Dec 1715
    married Hannah Turner 18 March 1713/14

  • 2. John Dane

  • born 18 Sep 1692, Andover, Essex, Co., Ma.
    married 10 Nov 1713 (Sarah Chandler)
    died 10 Jan 1763, Andover, Essex Co., Ma.

  • William Dane

  • born 15 Mar 1727/28, Andover, Essex Co., Ma.
    married 7 Nov 1751 (Mary Osgood)
    married second Phebe Abbott 22 July 1766

    Children of William Dane and Mary Osgood

    2. John born 22 May 1750
    3. Benjamin born 1751

    4 Joseph b. 1752 married Lucy Gilbert

    5. Polly born 27 Feb 1788

    6 Pheobe born 1767 married Benjamin Hardy

  • 1. William Dane

  • born Andover, Essex Co., Ma.
    married (Susannah Burt)
    died 1840, Essex Co., Ma.

    Children of William Dane and Susanna Burt

  • Joseph Burt Dane

  • born 25 Jan 1785, Ma.
    married (Rhoda Smith)
    died 11 May 1862 Hudson, Nh.

    Children of Joseph Burt Dane and Rhoda Smith

    Joseph b. abt 1820
    Mary F. b. abt 1825
    Sarah Jane b. abt 1829
    Charles F. b. abt 1831
    John O. b. abt 1834
    James O. b. 16 Jan 1836
    Henry H. b. 22 Aug 1841

  • James Osgood Dane

  • born 16 Jan 1836, Hillsbrough, Nh.
    married(Sarah Anna Sprecher)
    died 14 Aug 1907, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara, Ca.
    *see Carpenteria Cemetery below

    James and Sarah's children

    Francis (see below)
    George Burt b. abt 1877 Neb.
    Philip J. b. abt 1879 Neb.
    Fred Sprecher b. abt 1893 Neb.



  • Francis Dane

  • born 24 Jul 1894, Schuyler, Colfax, Nb.
    married 14 Aug 1920 (Hazel Edith Chapman), Los Angeles, Ca.
    died 25 May 1977, Seal Beach, Ca.


    Rhoda Smith Dane

    Charles Dane John and Rhoda's son

    Andover Burial Grounds


    Old North Burying
    Rev. Francis Dane
    Elizabeth Ingalls Dane wife of Francis Ground
    Abigail Dane Faulkner daughter of Rev Francis
    William Chandler
    Francis Faulkner

    South Church in Andover

    South Church in Andover

    Francis Dane son of Rev Francis
    Hannah Chandler
    John Dane
    Elizabeth Dane

    Abiah Mooar Dane Wright
    born 1 April 1762 Andover, MA
    Daughter of William Dane and Susanna Burt
    Married Reuben Wright Jr. 123 March 1834 Chelmsford, MA
    died 22 Nov 1881 Westford, Middlesex County, MA

    Reuben Wright Jr. husband of Abiah Mooar Dane
    born 24 Jun 1788 of Westford MA
    Son of Ruben Wright and Sarah Read
    died 17 Feb 1861 Westford, Middlesex Coounty, MA


    Buried in Fairhaven is:
    Frank Dane
    Hazel Chapman Dane

    Polly May Cartwright Dane

    (Carpenteria Cemetery, Dane Plots)

    1692 Plan of ANDOVER
    Witchcraft Involvement


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